Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Two Continued

Day Two (continued)
A lovely repast of pasta bake for lunch, with unfettered access to the salad bar and fruit bowl, saw the children refuelled and ready for afternoon activities. The weather continued fine and dry, with a chill wind and sunny spells. After more ascending and descending and traversing and swinging and shooting and fencing, a trip to the camp shop for souvenirs. Not a sausage in sight at the evening meal, which was eaten with some haste by children eager to prepare for the much anticipated disco. And what an excellent entertainment the disco was. PGL staff provided a superb mix of games and dances and the whole event was enjoyed with good cheer. A light supper, a stroll to the cabins (noting the position of Venus and Jupiter in the night sky en route) and then the children practically leapt into their beds, grateful to rest at last. The express train to the land of Nod was brim full tonight and travelled at alarming speed! Where previously the air was thick with conversation and high spirits, now all is silence punctuated with deep and sonorous snoring...  Mr W

Day Two

Day Two (so far so good) Reveille 5am. Bright morning, sun having been rudely awakened by cheerful capering amongst the children. After a hearty breakfast of mainly sausages (déjà vu?), the PGL natives once again took the children in groups off to face new challenges, including fencing, trapeze, orienteering and archery. Looking forward to lunch with slight apprehension that it might be sausages again...  Mr W

A few pictures!

Day 1

Day One
Uneventful, sickbag-free bus journey north, we arrived on time amidst the splendour that is Dalguise. We were greeted warmly by natives arrayed in blue. Then began the long ascent to the accommodation. Bravely and cheerfully the children hefted their bags and belongings, hardly raising a complaint against their plight (not having the breath to do so)! They settled well into their rooms and after a packed lunch they were off on wild endeavour. Seven activity groups were each led to the frontiers of endurance in the disciplines of abseiling, climbing, giant swing and zip wire. Many adventures were had and I'm sure many stories will be told of their experience. After a hearty dinner of mainly sausages, the PGL natives laid on activities and games involving wellies, balloons, skipping ropes and mud! Considering it's the first night at camp, bedtime was as would be expected! Everyone slept... eventually.  Mr W

Friday, March 16, 2012

I am so pleased you are excited to be heading off to Dalguise on Monday.  Take lots of photos and I will look forward to seeing you posts appearing.  Remember to help each other, here's the link to the School Website and Picturetrail just in case you have a chance to make a slideshow.

We are exited about Dalguise.
I am soooo exited about everything and I'm sure everybody is the same.  It's only 2 DAYS untill we go!!!!!!

We are feeling excited and happy about Camp just like in this photo! 
 RG + KW!
Can not wait 'til Dalguise! I hope I'm as happy as these children!!! GH

I hope we are not sleeping in this!CC GF
I am seriously excited because on Monday (just 3 days away!) we are going to camp. I'm all packed and I utterly CANNOT wait until Dalguise!! A.W. P.S. We found out who was in our dorms & activity groups yesterday.